2021 Goals

Monday 4th, January 2021

I'm not usually one for setting goals but this year I decided to set some and try to stretch myself personally.

Everyone seems to be saying that "2021 is going to be the year of change" but I feel it's going to be much like 2020, to make things a bit different and stretch myself I've decided to set a few goals. Goals should be things that you can measure and are achievable. 

Here are my goals for 2021: 

Relaunch Tomsnaps

In late 2020 I did a soft launch of Tomsnaps, after this I decided to improve the shop on my Tomsnaps website to provide a better user experience. In 2021 I want to re-launch the site with these updates.

Make 5 orders on Tomsnaps

This is very much related to my first goal, but I would like to make at least 5 orders on Tomsnaps over the year, proving to myself that I am able to sell my photos online. This is something that many people have said I should do!

Launch my personal website

Well if you're reading this then I've achieved this one, as you're reading this on my personal website!

Better life / work balance

I would like to get better at balancing my personal life and work, this has become increasing hard working from home, but something which I hope to get the balance much better this year.

Play guitar at least once a week

Well this is self explanatory really, but I do play a bit of guitar and I'd like to improve so I have decided to play my guitar at least once a week. 

Get fit & Eat better

Over the last year I've not been getting so much exercise due to lockdowns etc, and this has meant I'm not as fit and health as I have been. I'd like to get back to being healthier and also eating better, by not eating so much chocolate, sweets and drinking so much fizzy and beer!

Invest in a company

I've never invested in anything really, so I thought it might be fun to invest in a company, I mean why not?

Start selling on Ebay again

I've been selling a few things here and there on Ebay and Facebook marketplace through out 2020. This year I'd like to get back into this and start flipping stuff for a profit and make £200 in profit, its something I enjoyed when I was doing it!

So there we have it, my goals for 2021!

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