Tomsnaps re-launch

Friday 15th, January 2021

I started Tomsnaps as a separate instagram account from my main personal account back in 2019 and have since decided to expand from an instagram account to a website show casing some of my photos and an online shop to purchase my photos as greetings and post cards.

Today I re-launched with my updated shop, which rather than using Etsy it now integrates with Shopify lite to manage products and deal with the checkout process. Being an engineer I wanted the website to be a great UI and function without issue, the site will obviously be continually improved over time also. 

Relaunching tomsnaps was one of my 2021 goals, so I can safely tick this one off the list!

I am happy with the end result of tomsnaps and hope for it to grow into a busy online store, please go check it out and let me know what you think!

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